New Website

We have long experience of building websites with various Content Management Systems. Below you can read a little about each of the different options we use. If you have no preference, we will use WordPress

To make it easy for you we set up your website with a Content Management System. All the systems we use are free to use; there is no annual fee - you only pay for the developement of the site.


You will receive training in how to edit and add text and images via the administration panel. This requires only a Internet connection.


Below you can read about the different Content Management Systems we use and the benefits each have. You do not have to choose: If you have no preference, we will use Wordpress - the most widely used solution


WordPress is the most used CMS today and is currently used by 59.2% of all websites in the world with a publishing system we know about.

WordPress has almost no limits to what functionality you can integratie in to your website. It is a whole world of plugins you can install and configure almost everything possible. Thus, WordPress is used for virtually everything from small websites to complex corporate websites.

Populariteten til WordPess gjør det også til et utsatt mål for angrep (hackere). Dette medfører at man må ta sikkerheten på alvor og du bør ha installert en sikkerhetsmodul samt at du hele tiden må oppdatere systemet med nyeste versjon av WordPress. Det er enkelt, men det må gjøres iallefall ukentlig. Vi har driftsavtaler tilgjengelig for WordPress dersom du ønsker at vi skal ta hånd om dette.

WordPress er vårt valg av publiseringsverktøy om du ikke har noen preferanser. Dette mest på grunn av tilgjengeligheten av ferdige plugins og moduler samt populariteten.

CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is not of the most famous publishing systems on the market, but its clear advantage in simplicity. For you as a content editor it is very easy and self explaining; most do not even need training.

CMS Made Simple is a very ‘lightweight’ system that requires little resources (hosting) and a website created with this system will be perceived at lightning speed. This is a great advantage for search engines.

Furthermore, CMS Made Simple is developer friendly and chosen by many who need custom functionality. Our biggest customer Heganar Media A/S has several of their websites built on this system for this reason.

CMS Made Simple is very stable and need little maintenance.


Joomla! is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems (currently second after WordPress) and was until a few years ago as widespread as WordPress. In recent years, Joomla! lost popularity, mostly because of that WordPress has so many plugins ready to use. Anyway, Joomla! is an equally good option today as before and is still used by many.

Joomla! has virtually limitless functionality (plugins) that can be easily installed. Joomla! is very good in cases where you want a separate area on the home page only for members; forums, subscription solutions, directory services, paid content and more.

Joomla! are subject to hacking because there are so many people use it (as is WordPress) and it is very important to keep the software up to date by upgrading whenever a new version is available.